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ALPHA - The Sky is Mine

The list of their admirers looks like a Who’s Who of the international pop scene : David Bowie, Radiohead, Pulp, or Madonna (Rolling Stone Tope 10 years end list!)all rave about Alpha. Alpha were the first signings to Massive Attack's label Melankolic back in 1997. They released their critically acclaimed debut album 'Come From Heaven', followed by 'The Impossible Thrill'. Alpha have been constantly busy in the past 10 years having released three instrumental albums 'Lost In the garden of clouds part 1 and 2, Made In Space, 'Stargazing' and last year 'Without Some Help'. This is essentially Alpha''s best remixes but also included brand new Horace Andy and Alpha tracks. But our interest in the moment is to get as much exposure as possible for their fourth vocal album 'The Sky Is Mine' its absolutely stunning. It was written by both Corin Dingley and Wendy Stubbs who also provides the vocals. 2007 Alpha have been booked to play The Seine Festival in Paris on the 25th August
alongside the likes of Bjork.

It’s perfect, magnificent stuff, intense yet distracted by itself, inthrall to it’s own fragile dynamics, lost in a rare and poised reverie. Its trip hop, I guess, as much as Radiohead are rock’n’roll, but it’s also far more - Alpha feel as natural, inevitable and organic as breathing, as wracked and insatiable as a never ending deep, dark night of the soul.’-Melody Maker

I’m just thankful we don’t give albums marks out of 10. because this one is impossible to rate. Sometimes it leaves you awestruck, other time it makes you feel sick.’ The Sunday Times

‘Alpha don’t just create a soundtrack for a spliffed-up summer. They don’t just roll soul overdubs of sensuous passion. No Alpha is the sound of falling in love.’-MUZIK

‘The sound of dysfunctional Carpenters ballads set to a John Barry score. It’s utterly heartbreaking.’ -Q

It’s music that conjures up mental images of soft-focus dream sequences in slightly cheesy glamour Sixties movies, evokes the colours that swim in your eyeballs after you’ve been staring at the sun for to long. But this isn’t mere aural nectar- this music is in a constant state of melting away like a mirage, while the lyric and vocals suggest emotional depletion, spiritual disaffection. In the end ‘The Impossible Thrill’ evokes what the title suggests – a false paradise, an illusory bliss. Life could never be this gorgeous – fortunately, this album can. -UNCUT

‘A bittersweet collage of smoky atmospheres, warm strings and cool vibes…a perfect summer album’ -The Face