Cat 'n Roof


NOISESHAPER - Satellite City

Celebrating the 10th anniversary by former Different Drummer & Echo Beach artist who found a new home with the Cat 'n Roof label in L.A. presenting the fifth album to date! - Noiseshaper has been working again for 'Satellite City' with a host of top class vocalists from around the globe. As well as old favorites like Juggla, Jackie Deane (both associated with Rockers HiFi, G.Corp) or the blues legend Wayne Martin you can also hear new talents like Sherrez, a british rapper living in Barcelona lends the title track it's distinct flavor with her UK rap style.

'Big Shot', the first single to be taken from the album is performed by Sketch Walton, a soul singer from Washington D.C., and promises to be the first Reggae hit for summer 2009.

On 'We Rock It' another classic Noiseshaper dancefloor stomper you will hear the Jamaican MC Sammy Dread! recorded in Berlin (Telephonoskop studio) and Birmingham (Friendly Fire and Elephant House studios)

Noiseshaper (Flo ‘Flesh’ Fleischmann & Axel ‘Brain’ Hirn) established a name for themselves in 2000 with their dancefloor classic 'The Only Redeemer' and later with radio singles like 'All A Dem A Do' and 'Rough Out There'. Four of their own albums and various remixes for big names like Outkast and Sly & Robbie have placed Noiseshaper amongst the stars of Dub.

Masters like Adrian Sherwood and Richard Dorfmeister have remixed their music has been used in several films and TV shows such as Dukes of Hazzard, Disturbia, Solitary Man, CSI, and North Shore and many many more.

As the Noiseshaper slogan rules "'We are playing a Soul Dub Style"!!

“Very few bands can make a record this catchy and accessible without dumbing it down. Credit Noiseshaper for keeping the creative flame alive, mixing things up in fresh ways, and getting down and deep into the groove just about every time. Two thumbs up!“ – All About Jazz

“Satellite City is a pleasing, energetic moment in sound that delights and winds through the future." –PopMatters (8/10)

“Satellite City feels like a best-of of downtempo/mid-tempo/uptempo dub-related music.” - Properly Chilled

"After several listens, I still haven't found a weak cut. A rare ting dat, in dis day. But what I've come to expect from continental dub-inspired music, with the triangle of Austria, Germany, and the UK putting out the most consistently high-quality reggae-inspired but "post-Jamaican" music." - Reggae Vibes